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Mid-Level Interior Designer 3-5 Years’ Experience

Qatar Full Time Ref No -10055

Key Responsibilities:


  • • Bring great, fresh ideas to the team that are project-appropriate
  • • Develop vignettes and hand sketches of architectural and FF&E ideas that work in the space and meet intended design goals; articulate why concepts work to the team using sound, logical reasoning
  • • Produce concept boards of images for feedback and approval from the Art Director and Clients, which capture the intended look and attitude and that reflect branding and positioning with architecture, color, finish materials, and lighting
  • • Select in-budget materials and finishes that support the concepts
  • • Consistently incorporate scale and balance, designing elements that “fit” the space for maximum impact
  • • Regularly follow trends in hotels, architecture, and interior design so that own work and ideas are of an “international” caliber and level of sophistication, and in order to incorporate the latest technology and operational needs


  • • Actively work on mid-level tasks and deliverables for multiple projects simultaneously
  • • Perform red line markups and pickups of delegated work and/or complete packages of deliverables
  • • Produce sets of production documents in both design development (DD) and CD phases
  • • Maintain a daily task list for assigned projects discussing time allotments, schedules, and delegations
  • • Assist project teams to ensure delays are adequately documented and mitigated
  • • Prepare for regular project team meetings pertaining to project tasks, deliverables, and milestones
  • • Communicate directly with Client agents, subcontractors, and architects
  • • Write clear, articulate meeting and communications notes


  • • Demonstrate advanced skill in CAD (including layering), 2-D and 3-D digital graphics and manipulation, Excel, file transfer protocol (FTP) coordination, and web conferencing software with speed and a high degree of accuracy
  • • Demonstrate and apply the following construction knowledge:
  •     o Methods of construction and correct uses in interiors and installation methods for: blocking, moisture barriers product, millwork joinery, anchoring, sealing, ceiling treatments, finishing details, slab needs and leave-outs, railings, painting, wall covering, various flooring installations, stone fabrication, tile patterns and grout details, sheetrock finishes, plaster, stucco, foam, medium-density fireboard (MDF), fiberglass trims, metal work, millwork, textures, doors and windows, bars and cabinetry, paneling, mirrors etc.; apply this knowledge by making appropriate recommendations for applications
  •     o Appropriate as well as stylish architectural materials and finishes that are in line with budget, usage, and project design goals
  •     o Product cost and availability, as well as their specific applications, to ensure they fit within set budgets and schedules
  •     o Architectural and structural needs such as beams, columns, and load-bearing walls tying elements to structure
  •     o Mechanical systems and their basic needs including ductwork, thermostat locations, air returns, output grills, HVAC units, baseboard heating, sprinkler heads, and related building code and required locations
  •     o Electrical systems, circuitry, panels, conduits, existing power availability, and the power and cabling needs for TV, speakers and subwoofers, phones, internet connections, electronic door locks, lighting, hairdryers, bathroom fans, makeup mirrors, and other restroom accessories
  •     o Lighting design, placement, functionality, budget needs, and connection needs, as well as effective use of natural light
  •     o Plumbing systems, lines, and fixtures and their structural needs
  • • Demonstrate ability to manage and monitor onsite installations in a CA context by spotting any problems such as wrongful applications, messy work, and departure from approved CD plans
  • • Demonstrate understanding of when external professionals need to be consulted in order to ensure the design is viable and confirm what modifications may need to be made
  • • Demonstrate and apply the following hotel industry operations knowledge:
  •     o Hotel industry terminology about occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), revenue per room available (REV-PAR), IT, and the overall hotel technology required
  •     o Operational needs of housekeeping, room service, laundry, reception and sales, meeting and conference rooms, food and beverage facilities, and spa and fitness facilities
  •     o Follow trade journals and read articles about what is being tried in other markets and the successes and failures
  • • Understand the business side of design from both a O-C-D perspective and the Client perspective, and deliver accordingly
  • • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of UBC, fire, life, safety, health, and ADA codes


  • • Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year accredited interior design program
  • • Have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in concentrated high-end design – hospitality is strongly preferred, but we will also consider candidates with stellar residential projects
  • • Have a strong portfolio of work demonstrating creative design concepts
  • • Have advanced skills in CAD and Architectural Desktop, including layering, FTP coordination, Rendering, and 3-D Applications
  • • Be comfortable supervising junior designers and interns, as well as producing a set of production documents in both DD and CD
  • • Be able to readily capture the intended “look and attitude” that reflects branding and positioning
  • • With architecture, color, finish materials, and FF&E, articulate “why concepts work” to the team using sound, logical reasoning
  • • Be a strong communicator, and have great listening and people skills
  • • Have a passion for creative design solutions and problem solving
  • • Possess well-developed visualization skills and be able to convey intent of ideas easily and quickly, both verbally and visually
  • • Have an understanding of and interest in international design trends
  • • Work quickly, effectively and within project timelines
  • • Enjoy working in a team setting, and be excited to share knowledge and ideas with others, and to help others to improve their own skills and expertise
  • • Be willing to occasionally travel, both internationally and domestically
  • • Demonstrate passion, a strong work ethic, a sense of professionalism, and a desire to constantly learn and grow
  • • Ideally, you are also interested in moving into project management after appropriate training

To thrive here in this position:

You must be passionate about our work and projects, be curious, and love the process of discovery. We are always seeking candidates who are stimulated by challenge and have a knack for staying highly creative and focused regardless of the environment or situation. Your ability to thrive, both as a team member and independently, is essential. Your desire to constantly produce drawings and design of the highest quality will make you a vital member of the O-C-D team

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