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President's Message

al asmakh

Ibrahim Hassan Al Asmakh

President of Regency Group Holding

It is a pleasure for me to share Regency Group Holding’s vision with you.

At Regency Group Holding, we are extremely proud of our record of delivering world class services across a wide range of sectors from real estate to hospitality to travel and tourism. However, we are more than just a business entity: We strive to be a vital and dynamic part of Qatar’s future, and that is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

As we move forward, we aim to further enhance our regional and international reputation by recruiting more talented staff and continuing to train our existing staff to ensure that our values are always at the heart of everything we do and that we fulfil our vision to make an even greater Qatar.

It is extremely important to us to act in an environmentally responsible way and we will be taking a group-wide approach to ensure that we achieve our goals and that we play a proactive role in preserving and protecting our country and our planet.

Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, Regency Group’s approach to sustainability is holistic and practical. We offer advice and funding to promising business ventures in developing countries, helping them to expand and flourish.

We have a proud history and one which is built on success but we know that the world is becoming more competitive by the day. Our current achievements are indeed a sound platform for growth and expansion. But, the only way that we can continue on the road to success is to continuously strive for better. And at Regency Group Holding we know that our clients, our partners and most importantly Qatar deserve only the best.


Career Opportunities

Regency Group Holding attracts talented individuals across a wide-range of sectors and is committed to finding and developing the very best employees.

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