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Junior Designer 0 – 2 years experience

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A Junior Designer is responsible for producing high quality project design deliverables in both FF&E and construction documents. A Junior Designer can work on any/all phases of development including Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration. They report to the Job Captain or Project Manager on tasks and deliverables and work directly with him/her to ensure the facilitation of a project’s completion; on-time, on/under-budget, and meets DDA’s quality standards.

Responsibilities Include (Rubrics):

Implementation / Project Production Team Member:

  • • Knows where to store files in system
  • • Organize and maintain the sample room.
  • • Organize project samples, project filing binders, and finish binders in an orderly manner and according to DDA standards.
  • • Maintaining up-to-date project file (binder) with all email and other correspondence.
  • • Package/prepare items for shipment.
  • • Prepare presentation booklets for client meetings.
  • • CD Documentation
  •     1. Knows CAD standards and applies them
  •     2. Block up elevations from drawings with accuracy
  •     3. Thorough and accurate at red line pick-ups
  •     4. Clouds and notes revisions on drawing/specs modifications
  •     5. Can draw and tag finished plans and elevations that meets firms standards
  •     6. Can produce basic sections and details of millwork and furniture
  •     7. Can produce door, hardware, plumbing, lighting, finish schedules
  •     8. Put together an architectural binder for CD/DD
  •     9. Able to produce furniture layouts and floor plans skillfully.
  •     10. Can read CD drawings including section and details expertly.
  • • FF&E Specification Requirements
  •     1. Scan images and format for specs
  •     2. Format actual specs on sheets.
  •     3. Can format a completed spec book including index sheets and contacts
  •     4. Assists with matrix process
  •     5. Can interpret what is needed for the ‘look’ and select appropriate FF&E items
  •     6. Can draw simple custom furniture drawings and details
  •     7. Know how to produce drapery and bedding drawings, custom upholstered furniture, case goods, lighting, and custom furniture. Produce all drawings for fabrication in CAD.
  •     8. Contact vendors, order samples, collect and document pricing and lead times.
  •     9. Organize all aspects of the specification process -- answering questions, sending packages, selecting, etc.
  •     10. Research sourcing - cataloging of vendors/resources.
  • • CA Process
  •     1. Send formatted replies to RFI per instructions
  •     2. Sets up and follows Addendum system
  •     3. Complete project close-out details, documentation, storage of records.


  • • Asks questions for clarity, keeps team informed of progress
  • • Maintain billable hour level on a weekly basis; communicate any deviation with Project Manager.
  • • Communicate with Project Manager(s) regularly, alerting them of possible problems or conflicts with project specs, drawings, vendor delays, etc.
  • • Actively participate in ‘What’s Hot’ meeting, status meetings, training classes, read and understand DDA’s philosophy, standards and procedures
  • • Offer unsolicited feedback on how to improve system and procedures when opportunities arise. Take initiative to make positive change.
  • • Demonstrate leadership skills in assisting team to produce quality projects -- stay up with team, assist as and when needed, take initiative.

Colors & Materials:

  • • Know how to produce colorboards according to DDA standards.
  • • Knows sourcing for products (uses, pricing, appropriateness)
  • • Selects appropriate FF&E products for review that capture the look and attitude as well as durability and pricing
  • • Shows good eye for color and materials
  • • Looks for fresh ideas rather than pieces that ‘work’
  • • Demonstrate comfort at exploring new ideas in design.
  • • Demonstrate a good eye for scale and balance, color and material relationships in both architecture and FF&E.
  • • Can analyze magazine images and recognize the design principles being used to create ‘THE LOOK.’


  • • Understands basic Branding and Positioning concepts
  • • Have good hand-sketching skills. Able to sketch something quickly in order to show ideas and concepts.
  • • Able to scan and crop images in Photoshop, manipulate, if required, to eliminate adjacent images, remove writing, etc.
  • • Able to input sketches into CAD, block up elevations, manipulate floor plans, dimensions, create schedules, tag finishes from redline set, and set title blocks.

Personal Traits

  • • Works efficiently and at a brisk pace
  • • Works independently for extended periods
  • • Can change directions quickly without being overly flustered or bothered
  • • Seems comfortable with pace and pressure of office
  • • Take initiative and move forward on assigned tasks confidently while working independently and competently. Able to skillfully negotiate around roadblocks and obstacles to follow through and complete tasks on schedule and within budgeted hours.


  • • Act with professional level of conduct and behavior at all times.
  • • Good communications skills i.e. Articulates concerns, alerts others to problems
  • • Looks for solutions when confronted with roadblocks
  • • Shows enthusiasm for work
  • • Reads magazines and periodicals to educate self to industry
  • • Stays as needed to compete tasks at hand to meet deadlines
  • • Consistently checks own work for accuracy and completeness
  • • Introduction to Reps and product knowledge
  • • Flexible and open to new ideas and feedback
  • • Shows willingness to learn new ideas and processes
  • Write professional correspondences in email, transmittals and letters. Develop knowledge of the industry, in both design and hotel operational terms. Keep abreast of trends and watch ‘what’s hot’ internationally by following the media, including magazines provided by DDA.

Skills expected to be developed while a Junior Designer:

  • 1. Know DDA Shared File System; able to store and locate drawings and documents quickly and accurately.
  • 2. Know how to write a specification accurately and to DDA standards; wood types, finishes, durability, widths, weights, yardages, upholstery, fill notes – including all instructions required to fabricate the product.
  • 3. Know vendors, what they represent in products, where to find specific styles of fabrics, furniture, lighting, wall covering, manufacturer specification. Able to meet with vendors for new products.
  • 4. Know the operational and code needs: double rubs, fire code, stain guarding, Crypton, Trevoma, Ayora, and ADA requirements for hotels.
  • 5. Work quickly and efficiently, tracking hours daily, entering them into time-sheet system. Demonstrated ability to do task in assigned hours/time with time management skills.
  • 6. Able to tag layouts and floor plans with keys and required notes.
  • 7. Familiar with and able to implement all DDA standards, processes and procedures.

Prior to promotion, a Junior Designer must demonstrate that he/she can do all of the tasks listed above consistently for three months plus:

  • 1. Produce accurate specification books and all components to meet DDA’s level of quality, accuracy, complete per ADA, fire and UBC code, keyed and indexed correctly.
  • 2. Layout hotel guest rooms, modify furniture layouts as required to meet hotel and aesthetic needs, tag finishes, FF&E and key.
  • 3. Consistently produce a room type and room furniture matrix that is 100% accurate.

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