Regency Halls

Regency Halls is a premier events venue where Doha’s elite come together to hold seminars, exhibitions, graduations, wedding receptions, and other celebrations.

Our two 900-sqm reception halls have been designed to host a variety of extravagant events. Each reception hall provides an opulent and lavish ambiance as the entrance alone measures about a hundred square meters. Each hall has a 192-sqm buffet area, parlor and dining area, small kitchen, powder room, two bedrooms, and an en suite jacuzzi.

We make sure that the luxurious ambiance we provide is matched by the quality of food and beverages that we serve; this is why multi-awarded 5-star hotels such as the Wyndham Grand Regency provide the food for all of our events.

Along with our efforts to provide elegantly designed venues, creative cuisines, and impeccable service, we take the pressures of preparing a party off our clients’ shoulders by offering professional events management services. The philosophy behind our exquisite service is, “Bring your guests and we do the rest.”