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Ibrahim Al-Asmakh is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of the Regency Group Holding conglomerate: one of the most established and iconic corporations in Qatar, launched in 1987. Ibrahim is a leading figure in the development of Qatar’s hospitality sector, with interests in real estate, tourism and travel, and wellness.

Ibrahim was educated at the University of Arizona, USA, in 1987. His career began with the creation of Regency Travel & Tours (RTT), through which he played an instrumental role in the transformation and development of Qatar’s tourism industry, opening Qatar to visitors from across the globe and fostering international corporation and interest.

Ibrahim served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the General Authority for Tourism in Qatar; a role which led to the creation of the biggest summer festival in 2002 that helped modernize the state’s international image.

Ibrahim’s ventures soon moved to real estate, developing luxury hotels – the Wyndham Hotel & Mövenpick Hotel – in preparation for the 2006 Asian World Cup hosted by Qatar. At this time, the real estate company ARDEC was formed, which in turn led to the creation of the larger entity Regency Group Holding.

Through Regency Group Holding, Ibrahim has been a key figure in the economic development and modernization of Qatar’s hospitality industry and, through his work, continues to define the state’s promising future: each of the group’s divisions embraces Qatar’s 2030 National Vision, and works to set new standards for international excellence.

Qatar’s rapid economic and population growth mirrors the efforts of its leading corporations. Ibrahim’s contributions to the state’s hospitality sector has helped redefine its international reputation, leading to an exponential increase in tourism and interest from international companies, governments, and partners.

Ibrahim’s prolific philanthropic work characterizes the spirit of Qatar and reflects the integrity of Regency’s corporate ethics. He is the Founding Chairman of Al Asmakh Charity Foundation (AFIF), which helps support young entrepreneurs throughout Qatar.

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