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Regency Safety Services & Equipment

Regency Safety Services & Equipment (RSSE) is a safety solution provider, and is part of Regency Group Holding.

RSSE provides solutions for fire protection and low voltage systems to properties across the state. Our services include installation, supply of products, upgrades and renovations, and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).

We offer a comprehensive range of fire protection services – water-based fire fighting systems, foam-based fire suppression systems, gas-based fire suppression systems, and fire alarm systems, including commissioning and testing – and low voltage services: Building Management Systems (BMS), Light Control Systems, and Guest Room Management Systems.

Our major products include:

  • - Avenger Fire Detection Systems (Addressable & Conventional Systems) – USA;
  • - Avenger FM200 Fire Suppression System – Singapore / USA;
  • - Avenger Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System – Singapore / USA;
  • - FirePro Aerosol Fire Suppression System - Cyprus;
  • - Gas-based fire suppression systems;
  • - Fire protection systems; and
  • - Electronic low voltage systems.

We currently have more than 140 AMCs with major property developers throughout the state, for properties ranging from high rise buildings to service outlets. We also represent global brands such as Fire-Pro Cyprus, Avenger-USA, Avenger-Singapore, and Retrotec-USA.

As part of the Regency Group, we’re committed to upholding the standards of excellence expected of the Regency name, with client-first solutions that fit the unique needs – structural, logistic, and security – of each property.

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